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assignment dump

student witch 03 assignment dump

Photographer: mjranum@deviantart, Stock

acid rain smaller assignment dump

[de]Das kleine Mädel hält für eine Halloweenpartyeinladung her, die andere Aufgabe war ein Typografiedesign zum Thema saurer Regen.[/de]

[en]The little girl serves for a halloween party invitation, second task was a typographic design with acid rain as the topic.[/en]

[da]Pigen tjener som eye-catcher til en Halloweenparty invitation, den anden opgave var et typografisk design til sur regn.[/da]

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Free Fonts and Free Knowledge about them

As a designer you build a collection of fonts to be prepared for every challenge you may encounter. Every graphic that involves text needs a font and the more fonts you know and the more for professional use you have in your toolbox, the easier it gets to master your objectives!

I’d like to share a few repositories with you, where I find great typefaces and where you can learn more about fonts.

Get Fonts

Everybody knows, but only very few fonts are available for commercial use and meet the desired quality.

Screen shot 2010 09 27 at 6.15.47 PM Free Fonts and Free Knowledge about them

Get Knowledge

There are great sites where you really can further your knowledge about fonts or use them as a web compendium about the topic.

Different graphics about what parts the letters are build of are graphically executed by Morowolf on deviantART with his piece Typographic Anatomy. Another wallpaper with is more detailed can be found here by

typedia anatomy Free Fonts and Free Knowledge about them

Typedia is an attempt at an overview about fonts and different types. Especially the page about anatomy of typefaces is great and well illustrated.

Get Tools for characters from foreign languages, without having all the keyboard layouts locally all the time.

Readability, a free readability tool for every website.

CSS3 @font-face generator by font squirrel (self-explaining title ;))

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more typography

Yeah, I couldn’t help it. Some more fall out of my typography class beneath.

First a little poster with a little critic about our set destination in life:

fuck this life 01 500 more typography

The second work is very (as in extremely or obsessively) minimalistic, focussed on used space (and the fonts):

hopeless 500 more typography

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I’m only happy when it rains

happywhenitrains Im only happy when it rains

Few days ago, I discovered I’m only happy when it rains (video-link) by Garbage from 1995. I later found out it was their breakthrough in music business. The song is about the love for sadness and passionate negativity. You can find the text here and a (not so great) German translation here.

I really like the song, because it’s like the exact opposite of walking on sunshine. Like the saying, when you tell someone about problematic or complicated situations, where you don’t know how to act: “Would be boring if it was easy.”, which is pretty true and mostly meant to cheer up. Complexity is a great thing, as long as you can find a little space for yourself and recharge from time to time.

As you can see, I had to play around with the topic graphically a bit and I’m quite satisfied with composition of text and how the colours turned out.

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