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Subway to Sally – Nackt 2

subway to sally nackt 2 Subway to Sally   Nackt 2

Es stand bei ihrem großartigen musilaischem Gesamtwerk außer Frage, dass Subway to Sally etwas herausstechendes auf die Bühne bringen würden. Nackt II lässt weder musikalische Qualität, noch die gewohnt vielfältige und intime Live-Atmossphäre vermissen. Für 16.99€ bekommt man ein Konzert, dass eine Altersgruppe von gefühlt neun bis 90 Jahren bedient und durch den Verzicht auf elektronische Instrumente einen ruhigeren und erzählerischen Ton anschlägt. Bonusmaterial gibt es auch, in dem sich die Künstler, ihre Funktion innerhalb der Band und ihre Instrumente für die Akustiktour vorstellen. Auch die zur Unterstützung hinzu gezogenen Musiker Herr b.deutung und Nora Thiele präsentieren sich dort. Die Crew wird von schwedischem Busfahrer auf Inlinern über Tontechniker bis zum Backstagebereich beleuchtet. Danke an Moni fürs Zeigen übrigens icon wink Subway to Sally   Nackt 2

Wenn ihr Subway to Sally mögt und euch und euren Verwandten und bekannten 154 besinnliche Minuten schenken wollt, seht euch diese wundervollen Akustiktourmitschnitte an, folgende Lieder sind dabei:

Tracklist DVD

  1. Die Schlacht
  2. Henkersbraut
  3. Die Rose im Wasser
  4. Herrin des Feuers
  5. Krähenkönig
  6. Kleine Schwester
  7. Eisblumen
  8. Bruder
  9. Angelus
  10. Versteckt
  11. Accingte Vos
  12. So fern, so nah
  13. Wenn Engel hassen
  14. Falscher Heiland
  15. Krähenfraß
  16. Es ist an der Zeit
  17. Die Ratten
  18. Auf Kiel
  19. Tanz auf dem Vulkan
  20. Veitstanz
  21. Kaltes Herz
  22. Spielmannslied
  23. Ohne Liebe
  24. Sieben

Tracklist CD

  1. Tanz auf dem Vulkan
  2. Henkersbraut
  3. Die Rose im Wasser
  4. Wenn Engel hassen
  5. Kleine Schwester
  6. Eisblumen
  7. Herrin des Feuers
  8. Falscher Heiland
  9. Krähenfraß
  10. Angelus
  11. Bruder
  12. Veitstanz
  13. Kaltes Herz
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subway to sally kreuzfeuer Kreuzfeuer

Kreuzfeuer, the new album of Subway to Sally continious the path that was begun on Bastard. Not as loud as before, but still with lyrics that are worth being interrogated. The CD comes with some extras like wallpapers and screensavers (Windows only, damn you blasphemic Microsoft-loving band :)) and one big disappointment. The music video for Besser du rennst. Of course, Subway to Sally has never been famous for their videos but this is really a laugh.

Really great is that you can have a foretaste of all songs on STS’s website. You really have an idea about what you will buy and nice audio comments from the bandmembers. The CD itself is not copy-protected which is a positive thing because you in Germany (if you obey the law *cough*) may not even rip it to your mp3 or ogg player if you want.

The contents of the songs are biblical or related to inter-human relationships. As mentioned, the music is not as loud as before, less metal elements but a familiar style of lyrics and song-concepts. The refrains again have a lot of importance but are not rampant compared to the rest of the text.

At last a quote from a song with a oriental disposition:

Ich bin der Krähenkönig,
zertreten ist das Korn,
gebrochen ist der Galgen,
und glühend ist mein Zorn.

Subway To Sally – Krähenkönig

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Subway to Sally storybook

blog sts storybook 150x150 Subway to Sally storybookThe wonderful Subway to Sally storybook is now mine :D. It contains short comics to 19 songs from one of my absolute favourite bands, Subway to Sally. For example: Unterm Galgen, Kleid aus Rosen, Die Trommel or Traum vom Tod II. It’s great to see the settings the manga/cartoon artists put the songs in. Lovely to read this if you have the lyrics in your head anyways. The comments that introduce every song are interesting too. Found it more or less accidentially in a bookstore in Flensburg lately. If you’re a fan of the band and not hate manga-style drawings too much (some of the stories are) this maybe could be worth standing on your shelf.

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Coppelius and Subway to Sally live!

Last sunday, after nearly missing the train, Marcel, Sandra, Julia and me enjoyed our journey to Kiel where we had tickets for the Subway to Sally concert on November 4th. After wandering around in Kiel, with our typical quite and kind behaviour, we went to Halle 400, where the concert would take place. We waited a bit in the cold and were happy to get inside without difficulties. The pre-act was a band called Coppelius, which I didn’t know at all. I was very enthused, because their show and music are great. See them if you have the chance. Subway to Sally was as brilliant as always and maybe a bit better. All in all their shows lasted 3.5 hours, including Coppelius. The whole concert was awesome. Thanks to my homies and the bands!


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blog cover bastard Bastard

Subway to Sally finally released their new album, Bastard, on October 19th. Going to be at a concert of the new tour on November 4th in Kiel. Looking forward to it. The album is very satisfying. The lyrics are awesome and the music is too. Compared to Nord Nord Ost there is less metal and more rock, which I like a lot. My favourite songs from the album so far: Vodoo, Puppenspieler.


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