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social media done wrong again:

I can’t guarantee that these people actually have hired somebody or if they even ran a spam bot accross wordpress sites, but it pretty much looks like it.

Let me break it down for all of you people out there who are even playing with the thought of blasting your nonsense through the web in the hope of gaining a couple of links to your pityful site.

It is not cool to spam blogs with random things and a URL to your own website like this:

Plissee fürs Wohnzimmer günstig kaufen

The text in the comment body was the following:

The panel van edition specially designed for the British General Publish Office, and applied by the two postmen and telephone engineers was called the Bedford HA110 right here, and had a specially tuned engine. Detuned in fact, in order that it produced a mighty 27 bhp! The joke in the time was that it absolutely was reserved for carrying 2nd class letters, which did not offer up coming day delivery.

Which first of all is completely unrelated to the post it was left on and secondly, doesn’t have anything to do with them.

Even if it’s pretty hard to prove that they actually did send off that spam bot, they are still doing social media wrong, because all of their currently 38 tweets look exactly like this with varying products:

I’m begging you guys, whoever did your social media and PR stuff, fire them. Thank you.

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Nyndesigns: social media done wrong

I really don’t like pointing the finger, but this company just approaches social media in such a horrible style, that I want you all to see how NOT to do it. First of all, they advertise with social media services. Now, the funny thing is, that they have a facebook link at top and left of their site, with different like amounts, confusing the user? Hell yeah. Second, you can’t “find” them on facebook, because their page-name only directs to

On twitter, a couple of messages (often the same) sprouts up by multiple people. What could be going on here, is that a bot with some random people-stock pictures is tweeting all their pre-defined news messages over and over again, none of them responds when you tweet at them, neither the @nyndesigns account. I assume these are blind bot accounts, because they tweet the same messages over and over again, trying to over-over-advertise for the posts and services of

The funny thing is, that Nyndesigns advertists with a message like:

Professional web consultation services @nyndesigns Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Which does not add up with their behaviour on social media at all.

ground rules they are breaking:

  1. Be available for questions and correspondence
  2. Don’t repeat yourself
  3. Be authentic

Below you see the confusing different amounts of likes on their facebook page:

nyndesigns 1 Nyndesigns: social media done wrong

nyndesigns 2 Nyndesigns: social media done wrong

Here’s a potential list of Nyndesigns potential fake twitter accounts:


and many more, able to be found on:!/search/@nyndesigns

UPDATE: I just filed a spam report on about this matter, including the information above.

UPDATE 2: (23. March, 2012)

I just received a mail from Nyndesigns and actually the difference of facebook likes was explained to me as for one the likes on the page itself and the other amount is for the facebook page. I was accused of not understanding technology like the open graph API of facebook, (stupid me). Well my point remains, that there actually is no facebook page, but it merely is set to redirect to, which I consider a bad use of social media. Maybe I really am doing it wrong, but when I search for the company name on facebook and click the only result, I get redirected. The only way to access it for me, is to visit the url, that was sent to me in the mail directly:

That is except Also admitted in the mail was, that they don’t use social media to communicate with clients, apart from maybe linkedin, (as an explanation why nobody cared about my tweets ;)).

Also the army of tweetbots is justified by, that many parts of the industry do it and that it’s offered as a service to clients. Now I don’t know how big parts of the industry are defined, but this is the most annoying and also the only that was not emitted by some scam company for shady sites, that I’ve ever seen.

Eventually, I was asked to remove this post (I guess my search engine ratings are too high and that’s something they had to react on, in contrast so somebody just tweeting at them).

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Why Diaspora rocks

diaspora dandy logo 670 Why Diaspora rocks

picture: dandy logo

So there is this great new social network… Waaait, that’s so not the point about Diaspora. Remember all the discussions about how facebook saves all your data and google plus connects everything you do on google plus to your search queries? Yeah? Don’t like it?

Now that’s where Diaspora comes along. First of all Diaspora is not one single website where you can sign up. It’s a network of connected servers, which results in Diaspora.
Diaspora is like a street system compared to a go cart park. Now, the metaphor at the current time is a little bad, because the go cart parks like facebook and google plus have millions of users, while Diaspora is fairly small at the moment, but let’s go and change that later.
Like when choosing a provider for your email or your webhost, you now have a chance to decide where you want your social profile to be hosted. There’s a list at where you can choose your “home pod” (pod = server on the Diaspora network, you’ll be able to connect with everybody, even if they’re not on your home pod).

diaspora stream Why Diaspora rocks

Why join?

  • to ensure your data stay with you and only the people you share them with
  • to easily publish updates to twitter and facebook at the same time, if you want to
  • to meet new and interesting people
  • to invite your current friends from facebook or twitter
  • to feel free
diaspora status update Why Diaspora rocks

Join Now

after that be sure to
find me on Diaspora*

When joined I recommend you add tags for topics you’re interested in and update your status with a message like:

Hey everyone, I’m kinda #newhere. I’m interested in #photography, #webdesign, #design, #PHP, #JavaScript, #jQuery, #Wordpress, #drupal and #git.

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How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools


A client is an application you use twitter through. A great example for that is tweetdeck, because it has multiple columns and you can get it on Windows and MacOS, because it is written in Adobe AIR. I like to keep track of my friends timeline, my mentions and a facebook newsfeed. The fourth column changes between different lists and searches.

tweetdeck screenshot How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools

Link shorteners

If you’ve been tweeting and including links in your tweets, you may have noticed that links take a big chunk of the overall tweet length, which is limited to 140 characters after all. Link shorteners will be your friend. There are multiple services for that out there, I personally use, because it’s widely spread and easy to integrate to tweetdeck or available as a plugin for Chrome/Chromium.


There are different tools for analyzing your or others accounts. A service which is fairly new and very powerful is Klout. It calculates how you impact twitter with your tweets upon how much reaction like mentions or retweets you produce. It also analyzes your style, if you mostly tweet links, mention other users and so on. There is a ranking plugin available for Chrome to see other peoples Klout score directly on the twitter website.

klout style How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools


I can only recommend you chain your facebook profile to your twitter account and let your friends there know what you’re posting on twitter. Just go to the twitter application.

facebook twitter connect How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools

These were the first five days of How to Twitter. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment icon wink How to Twitter: Day #5 Tools Thanks to everybody who followed through so far!

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How to Twitter: Day #4 No Go’s

Content is king,

don’t kill it with boredom.

It’s been a long time since my last status update, so here we go: looking for breakfast.

When you’re a blogger, you should add some personality to your blog, that’s correct. If you don’t have a blog and are worried that your twitter account has some spider webs on it, use it as motivation. Get up, do something, tweet that.

Duplicate content is a fool

Of course it is, so don’t retweet somebody a lot of your followers are following, it will just annoy them and flood their timeline.
Furthermore, don’t link the same post/site twice without telling you have tweeted it before. Include a memorable title, or users will be disappointed the second time they visit one of your links, they believed to be new.

Don’t hate

All you miserable maggots will bite to dust and I’ll impale you with a bamboo stick!

If you try to stand out as a professional, discuss, don’t harass. What you tweet about is very sensitive. Don’t tweet that you hate work, when you just got hired by a firm and you have no side-projects, don’t put a bounty on peoples head, imagine your audience sitting in front of you. To get away from you, they just have to click unfollow instead of leaving the room and giving you the possibility to question why, like in the physical world.

Don’t whine too much. It’s very irritating to see people bitching around all the time. To be on the subject and being still critical is not impossible icon wink How to Twitter: Day #4 No Go’s

For further bad tweets see: Top 10 worst tweets

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