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Back home

I’m back in Denmark after a mixed quality flight and insanely wrong airline punctuality. San Francisco has treated me well and now I’m in the middle of my exam project.

Shortly after my arrival, my beloved and I helped these guys moving in together, which involved a lot of furniture, consumer electronics and a third floor without an elevator. Afterwards we went out for a beer with a view on the little lake in this town.

7130235757 bb0ac7e7e4 z Back home

Right now my work/blog space is a little improvised and consists of a rooted and freshly unlocked smartphone and a laptop, but since I’ve worked under similar conditions for the past months, it should be fine.

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these San Fran streets

The last two days I’ve been wandering the streets a little and I got some pictures to illustrate what Mission and Downtown look like a little.

View full set San Francisco on flickr

6824928812 8db46c9f8a z these San Fran streets
I like to get close to my subjects sometimes, taken in Mission.

6824930606 1757efef8f z these San Fran streets
soon to be covered by the curtain of shadows

6824933074 705bbc7d3f z these San Fran streets
A street is as good as it’s worst spot

6971059519 353cebf857 z these San Fran streets
in white sheets

6971065225 fa053b6fcf z these San Fran streets
rough night, rough life

6971068067 de865daeb8 z these San Fran streets
repairing a huge sculpture on Market street, San Francisco

6971070407 f14eb9fa15 z these San Fran streets
Talk to Jesus brothers and sisters! Talk to Jesus!
(yelled through a megaphone)

6824949916 8749419d72 z these San Fran streets
a small audience is too little to keep going, but too much to stop playing

6971075573 07d3c53fda z these San Fran streets
A little diptych test of a stranger, close and as she leaves me and my camera again.

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Last nights brain activity

Yesterday night this was happening in my head:

Hey, the little hairs in your inner ear are moving, meaning: you are moving, but you are still sleeping. WAKE THE FUCK UP NOW!

So I woke up, looking at a Mikkel that also had been woken up by a little earthquake in the San Francisco area. Well, my comment was something with “awesome” and we went back to sleep. Here’s a map about what was going on:

San Francisco eq Last nights brain activity

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A boys new love

As mentioned earlier, this guy bought a new camera. He’s pretty eager to practice all the functionality of it and I’m pretty happy that I get to be around and try to pass on the technical skills that I have in our spare time.

The other night we were out looking for a harddrive, which we couldn’t get, but we got some nice shots of castro and I of Mikkel.

6944735737 b2c6085077 z A boys new love
6944758995 f501ccc30d z A boys new love
6798632682 e13280e5c8 z A boys new love
6944742159 16a8844a7a z A boys new love

Oh and when we were on the way home today I got a nice pre sunset icon smile A boys new love

6799217404 59487c8385 z A boys new love

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over here

So I’m over here in San Francisco right now and I’m having a lot of fun with the guys. The days are long and the city still appears huge and unexplored to me. We’re living in Castro, one of the biggest gay districts of the world. The people are friendly and often alternative, which makes it pretty fun and safe to be around.

Now, some first impressions:

6937557181 4f84e37b04 z over here

6937562347 7aee0f8c3b z over here

6937565061 254cd7e262 z over here

This is what happens if you overlook that sign that says happy hour. You accidentially 4 long island ice teas although you wanted one for each.

6937559285 3690cffa7f z over here

Mister M. just got a new baby he’s been taking good care of. He bought her a nice home and a new strap already.

6937608297 a7523fd6d1 z over here

So today I received the sweetest letter from my girlfriend, where she, once again demonstrated her extremely awesome drawing skills. Hands up for the most comforting words and cutest owls!

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