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social media done wrong again:

I can’t guarantee that these people actually have hired somebody or if they even ran a spam bot accross wordpress sites, but it pretty much looks like it.

Let me break it down for all of you people out there who are even playing with the thought of blasting your nonsense through the web in the hope of gaining a couple of links to your pityful site.

It is not cool to spam blogs with random things and a URL to your own website like this:

Plissee fürs Wohnzimmer günstig kaufen

The text in the comment body was the following:

The panel van edition specially designed for the British General Publish Office, and applied by the two postmen and telephone engineers was called the Bedford HA110 right here, and had a specially tuned engine. Detuned in fact, in order that it produced a mighty 27 bhp! The joke in the time was that it absolutely was reserved for carrying 2nd class letters, which did not offer up coming day delivery.

Which first of all is completely unrelated to the post it was left on and secondly, doesn’t have anything to do with them.

Even if it’s pretty hard to prove that they actually did send off that spam bot, they are still doing social media wrong, because all of their currently 38 tweets look exactly like this with varying products:

I’m begging you guys, whoever did your social media and PR stuff, fire them. Thank you.

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