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I am gifted!

keep your hands   by geronimo89 I am gifted! … with a wonderful girlfriend, as you can see icon wink I am gifted! but not enough with that. I’m now the proud owner of a Sin City comic collection! I spend my birthday last saturday with my girlfriend and pretty quite, it was an awsome day. The day was including sleeping long, having chinese (or at leas asian) dinner and some shopping. Today I got home and checked my post, nice to see people thinking about me, thanks to all of you. Today I too got a very nice gift from my mum and my stepfather. A printer and scanner combination and it’s such a big relief to be able to print A4-prints in a good quality now, at home. It’s a Canon MP520 and I’m very happy that I could make it work on my linux machine with a little help from the #sidux channel on Last weekend I too shot my latest picture, titled “Keep your hands where I can see them, Miss” which also can be found here on deviantART. The model is the one and only Julia.

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the victim and the mob

blog ants the victim and the mob

This reminds me a lot of the mob torturing the defenseless victim, a lot like it is these days. Think of it when you outnumber someone, think of how it would be if that would be you. Of course these insects are just “doing their job”. It’s not fun for them, it’s work. Their duty to keep their people alife.

I was out taking a walk with my aunt the other day and we passed a big anthill. I decided to make some shots of these little fellas. Suddenly my aunt said:”Look, they’re carrying something over there.” It was a grub, being carried away for feeding purposes.

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