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Durian project trailer out!

This is the trailer for the current blender open movie project. It was released on May 13th and it looks awesome. I am looking forward to the short movie a lot. Also have a look at the durian project site. They have a lot of making of footage there and if you’re into movie production, 3D-rendering, concept art or creative processes in general it is definetly worth having a look at it.

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Elephants dream

blog elephantsdream Elephants dream

The short movie Elephants Dream was exclusively created with open source software. It’s available for free on the internet. The movie is done by the orange movie project. The old guy reminds of Agent Smith from the Matrix, especially the scene where Agent Smith describes the Matrix and its perfection. The old guy too describes how perfect the machine is. Big parts of the movie were created in blender.


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