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msn worms go on

thatgirl 11:40: Foto

I just got this message and it brought me a file called P18943431.JPG-www.facebook.exe. As usual I’m on an operating system which does not handle .exe files at all and I don’t want to try this outside a sandbox.

Just received another one:

This is what we have been looking for, I finally found a site with it and free too


probably new bot with following link prefix: downloading the file: P185623111.JPG-www.facebook.exe

Try to scan your computer with malwarebytes anti-malware.

Für die deutschen Leser: Malware entfernen

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MSN still worming around

20:14:43< somenick >Wow I spend hours a day now on this site, totally addictive

Yeah, msn worming around again. A whois-request showed, that the domain has already been cancelled.

20:14:43< spiky_19042009 >Wow I spend hours a day now on this site, totally addictive
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msn worm, again

Disclaimer: I have not checked the contents of the mentioned link, but I’m pretty damn sure, that it will fuck up your system. So unless you know what you are doing, don’t click it.

< jennifer***** >
schau mal das foto an icon biggrin msn worm, again
< geronimo >
hör mal auf zu versuchen meinen Rechner zu infizieren

Yeah, how I love it when people try to infect my Linux system. Thanks Jennifer icon biggrin msn worm, again

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