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What love is, in pictures

I’m a deviantART-holic and I like to find pictures that express moments, feelings, complications or conflicts, here a little collection about love (in pictures):

All my loving. by ~wczoraj-wieczorem on deviantART
Stupid Organ by CordellOrr What love is, in pictures

uno by ~icarosteel on deviantART
c5764d8b1a95b17bf14d3d62f85eca41 What love is, in pictures

l’amour de Jean by *veftenie on deviantART
love or hate  by dzika koala d2d2rna What love is, in pictures

broken heart by *paulie-nka on deviantART

Typo test – I love you by *BeJay on deviantART

Black and Yellow by *fb101 on deviantART

Love is not payable by ~Poof2507 on deviantART

.Love is suicide by ~catchDEVIANT on deviantART

Everyone by ~bionic7 on deviantART

just a tiny step by ~auraa09 on deviantART

Silhouette Of Love by =oO-Rein-Oo on deviantART

The Sweetness and Pain by *regenengel on deviantART

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Are affairs all about sex?

affairs Are affairs all about sex?

I think affairs are as much about sex, as sex is about love. Affairs cover more than the act of physical, pleasurable contact. Having an affair means somebody wants you and to spend very intimate time with you, which is a compliment for most people.
It’s more egoistic than running a relationship, but it’s not like both parts get something out of it. An affair is less about devotion and more about satisfying your own needs. You find something someone you’re attracted to and enjoy falling in love a little instead of loving long term and the immorality attached to it by society is actually fading.
It’s important to understand, that you actually have more experiences in a short carry on than sex. Of course it’s a part of it, but it’s also the interest of the counter part in you and hopefully yours in him/her. For people who like extremes and very high quality time it can actually be much easier than having a long-term relationship they have to care for. Notice I say easier, not better, which it also can be, but most people know how it is, to be in love very deeply and not wanting to let go somebody.
Other aspects than the sex are actually defined by what you are looking for. Depending on what you are looking for, there can be a lot of things to share. Common interests are always healthy. A problematic case is work or persons you see on a regular basis anyways. There’s always the chance/risk one really falls in love and the other part does not, which would result in a very unpleasant situation for both. Though there is the (a lot smaller) chance you both fall in love, have kids and live happily ever after. (Keep in mind, tiny chance)

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I’m tainted from handcuffs and by my scars, by sex and self destruction. My tongue is foul and split, not worthy of kissing your beautiful neck, not of speaking a word to you.
Your blood is fresh and warm, mine only circulates the hate.
I’m stained from hundreds of meaningless kisses, spoiled by the idiocy of dozens. My cheating hand, rather  burned, than rewarded with you touch.
Both your smile and your tears are sun and stars, shining and glimmering from your innocence.
My soul is bruised, no more than ashes, reborn and burned down in a thousand dawns.
Yours is pure and bright, nearly blinding others with its light.
My mind is cruel and calculating, proud of all my sins and the ones I drive others into.
You use your sharp mind creatively, always helpful, never dreadful.

Your existence is the pretty contrast to mine, showing me gently, I’m the incarnation of the horned one and
you’re a saint.

Well, what can I say. It’s that feeling that overwhelms you, when you get to know someone that seems innocent and unused. Someone you feel is driven by virtue and, if that exists, the good side. Again, this text is expressing extremes and pushing the limits of contrast, mostly I’m a really nice guy icon wink tainted

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