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PHP explode and implode

I think PHP is one of the few place where you can explode and implode without being a terrorist but still have fun with it. At least explode() is one of my favourite functions in PHP :).

For this little quick tip I actually have a quite practical use case I stumbled upon a couple of days ago. The jQueryUI datepicker widget. It lets the user pick a date, which you automatically can insert into a form. You can define different formats like day day, month month, year year and so on, whatever makes you happy, but to save it in a MySQL database you might want to convert it to the typical yyyy-mm-dd format. For that we spread the string we pull from the form at 2 different places (where the datepicker sets the slashes).


Exploding may sound a little extreme in the beginning, but it’s just a function to split a string into an array at certain points.

$explodeable = '28/05/2011';
$exploded = explode('/',$explodeable);

// generates output:

Array ( [0] => 28 [1] => 05 [2] => 2011 )


Now, we still have to get the year, month and day together again to put it in a MySQL DATE or DATETIME field, so let’s look at the solutions we have for that with implode. Implode just puts a string together from an array with or without a certain character between them.

$exploded = array_reverse($exploded);

// generates output:
Array ( [0] => 2011 [1] => 05 [2] => 28 )

$imploded = implode('-', $exploded);
echo $imploded

// generates output:

For this it works perfectly, but you can also chain the different values of an array as following, if array_reverse can’t do the job and you want to sort your entries manually. This solution gives you more flexibility, also with the characters in between the split values.

$chained = $exploded[2].'-'.$exploded[1].'-'.$exploded[0];
echo chained;

// generates output:

Thanks for reading my little quick tip on date conversion between the jQueryUI and MySQL, have a nice time everybody icon smile PHP explode and implode

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