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Cyanogen Mod on Huawei 8650/8652 or AT & T Fusion on Mac OS X

cyanogen mod on huawei h8652 h8650 Cyanogen Mod on Huawei 8650/8652 or AT & T Fusion on Mac OS X

I have previously reported troubles and tips for rooting my AT&T Fusion, which is a low budget smartphone that has an exchangeable sim card, which is great for everybody who wants to buy a phone in the US and bring it back to Europe or elsewhere.

Anyways, I was still stuck on one topic and in a conversation with Lennart he doubted, that a Cyanogen Mod image for my crappy hardware probably existed.

But it does! icon biggrin Cyanogen Mod on Huawei 8650/8652 or AT & T Fusion on Mac OS X

After being frustrated with the bloatware on my phone, I found a thread in the android forums called:

Huawei Fusion (U8652) Roms, C7 mod & root!, which is a great help.

Remove the bundled apps on this at&t phone

I finally could remove apps like:

  • Documents To Go
  • Layar
  • AT&T billing bla bla
  • AT&T tons of other stuff

This thread works great, besides, for Mac users, there is no real instructions and the .bat files don’t really work. Although, as you might sense already, there is a solution for that!

First of all, forget the drivers download, you don’t need it.

Just download the Android SDK and fastboot, start it and download the platform tools, after that copy the adb file to the clockwork mod folder and run the commands in the ClockWorkMOD (Bootloader-Volum DOWN+ POWER).bat file by hand.

This is what actually is in the file:

adb-windows.exe reboot bootloader
timeout /t 5
fastboot-windows.exe flash recovery recovery.img

What you have to run after putting the adb file in this directory:

./adb reboot bootloader && ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Now in my case, after also booting to recovery mode, operating with the VOL+ and VOL- keys and installing Cyanogen Mod, it was stuck in an endless boot loop (I played around with some advanced features and did not clear the dalvik cache)

Cyanogen Mod and the infinite boot loop

If you’re stuck in an endless loop, boot it to recovery mode again, clear all the caches and re-install cyanogen mod. That worked for me, if it doesn’t for you, go for google, that’s what brought me here with a phone that runs like thrice as fast.

So how is the Cyanogen Mod so far

All I can say is faster, prettier and not messing up my entire internal storage.

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