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Lesetipp: Jack Ketchum – Evil

ketchum1 Lesetipp: Jack Ketchum – Evil

Ein junges Mädchen wird zum Spielball von willkürlicher Gewalt, Demütigung und Folter. Das Vorwort von Stephen King in Evil von Jack Ketchum nimmt vorweg wohin die Geschichte um die kleine Meg führen wird. Die Idylle, die zunächst aus einem Abbild der fünfziger Jahre in den USA gestanzt wird bekommt schnell Flecken und die Zeilen die darauf geschrieben werden, drehen einem den Magen um.

Der Horror, den Jack Ketchum heraufbeschwört ist groß, aber keineswegs aus der Luft gegriffen. Das Werk basiert auf einer wahren Begebenheit aus den sechziger Jahren. Die Hilflosigkeit und absolut explizit beschriebene Grausamkeit verleihen Evil die Macht seine Leser zu bewegen. Abscheu und Hass auf die Folterknechte und die Manipulatorin kochen in einem hoch während sich die Handlung in die dunkelsten Tiefen der menschlichen Seele hinabschraubt.

Die Meg aus der Wirklichkeit heißt Sylvia Likens, ihre Geschichte wurde unter anderem noch in Kate Milletts Der Keller (engl. The Basement) und den Verfilmungen zu diesen beiden Büchern verarbeitet.

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Martyrs is the most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen and it’s different from a lot of horror movies I have seen. The plot is simple, but the film doesn’t suffer from that. It’s keeping the accident thrill. It’s horrible but you don’t want to look away either. Not only through very explicit visualisations of violence but also through the extremely emotional demonstration of force this is one of the most disgusting movies I have watched so far. It reminded me of real torture, the concentration camps from WWII and the feeling of complete helplessness. Maybe it’s one of the best movies to show how wrong abusing other people through physical force really is.



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The Happening

The Happening didn’t look too bad in the TV trailers so I and Julia went to see it. The start is pretty interesting and mystical but somehow the movie can’t keep that up until the end. The concept isn’t new, but not yet worn off. It reminds a lot of Frank Schätzings novel The Swarm. Anyone who likes the thought of nature striking back or the planet saving itself from mankind, read this book. There are nice shocking moments and nice fear generating scenes that makes you feel with the characters but in the end, it’s ruined by some pseudo-romantical scenes and not very believable details. 5/10


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The Eye (ins Auge)

alba the eye poster 202x300 The Eye (ins Auge)Last saturday I was watching “The Eye” in Flensburg and I’m happy that no blind person ever will see this movie. It’s funny, that the main character (Jessica Alba) can walk without using her stick in public, even holding people back from being run over, but in her flat she’s slow as a snail, touching every wall. It’s a typical horror thriller with nice effects and a story that I have not seen before. Frame setting for our main character to “see things” is, that she receives a donation for a pair of eyes, that allow her to see again, that appear to have been owned by a girl with a special connection to the spiritual world. Nice to see are the things that happen to the main character and the shocking moments, but still, the best scene is the intro. The shocking moments sometimes are too long and only kept alive by the dramatical music.

5/10 After all, it was entertaining, so it’s an average movie with nice effects.

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