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vector posters

We’re having design basics at the academy right now, so the lessons are awesome. For one assignment we had to take an ad or a design we liked and re-create. I chose Anorexia by *UncleMontezuma on deviantART.

Here is my outcome:

more action 500 vector posters

Second assignment due to today was to create an advertisement for a company. (I know, I’m not selling a product on my poster, but nobody said anything about products. Governmental institutions and help organisations are close to companies in many ways.) For my design and message I wanted something very clean and easy to understand. I especially watched out for repetition of the scale, information, typography and minimal, but meaningful use of colour:

kinsey 500 vector posters

Both wer entirely done in Illustrator CS5 (I’m getting used to it). Prints and full-view are available if you click the images.

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You are gay.

Thinking about homosexuality I got out an idea that I got a few evenings ago. The message has been on my mind for a while, since I was called gay, ment as an insult and I told the guy, that I would not feel offended by that, because it wouldn’t be a negativity.

urgay 500 You are gay.

Get the source file here, the font is Helvetica

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Kiss by igy Homophobia

Kiss by `igy on deviantART

From what I have learned in many conversations until now, people have a lot bigger problem with gays than with lesbians. Probably because lesbian porn is all over the internet. Online streaming sites categorise their videos in “straight” and “gay”. The funny thing is, that in the straight category is all the lesbian porn. Their own sexual preference is leading them in terms of accepting homosexuals. Just because kissing men is not looking as hot to guys out there, it does not mean, that they less have the right to. Acceptance should not be lead by your primal instincts. Read the artists comment, it’s worth it.

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