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Goodbye Android App Inconsistency?

android style guide Goodbye Android App Inconsistency?

 When people use your app for the first time, they should intuitively grasp the most important features. The design work doesn’t stop at the first use, though.

Google just doped their designers again and went all in on their new Android Design page. This probably comes as a reaction to the inconsistency of Android Apps and is trying to teach the App devs som common guidelines.

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Google PageRank API changes

Google has just updated their API to query a websites pagerank through third party software like web services and browser plugins. I was quite surprised when all my hosted sites suddenly appeared with a pagerank of 0.

To calm everybody down, it’s not true icon wink Google PageRank API changes It’s just that right now the plugins and web services can’t access the new way of getting the data yet. As soon as the developers of the plugin you’re using or the analytic service of your choice have updated the responsible code, everything will be back to normal. Nothing has changed with the pagerank itself, just the way software can access it.

For more information:

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Google+, ein erster Eindruck

google plus profile Google+, ein erster EindruckGoogle hat mal wieder was richtig gemacht, nicht nur den +1 Button zum verbessern der Suchergebnisse, sondern auch Interfacedesign und Profillayout. Es sieht gut aus und das Volk reißt sich um die Testaccounts um mitspielen zu können. Google Plus gibt einem eine Wall, wie bei Facebook, integriert Dienste wie Picasa und erzeugt leichter Gruppen mit denen man Inhalte teilen möchte als irgend ein anderes social network. Es kombiniert die @mentions von Twitter, kombiniert sie mit Kommentaren und Funktionen zur weiteren Veröffentlichung und LIKE/gefällt mir heißt jetzt +1. Klingt einfach, ist einfach zu bedienen und ich bin gespannt wie sich das ganze weiter entwickelt. Hier ein paar screenshots icon wink Google+, ein erster Eindruck Wer eingeladen werden möchte, einfach die googlemail Adresse hinterlassen und ich kümmer mich um eine Einladung. Hier gehts zu meinem Profil.

google plus sparks Google+, ein erster Eindruck

google plus circles Google+, ein erster Eindruck

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Google Summer of Code 2010

There are, once again, many interesting projects for the summer of code. Trends for this year are JavaScript, Ajax, browsers (Chromium, Mozilla has an entry too), some CMS systems and some cool Linux or platform independent projects like GIMP, Inkscape and blender.

If you want to participate, from my quick peek over the list the main languages that are requested are C, C++, JavaScript and PHP, but also python, ruby, bash, assembler, perl, qt and many other developers are welcome in many projects. I even spotted some Lua and erlang requests. Overall there is more than only writing code to it, smart heads for artificial intelligence and more are welcome too.

Basically it’s no wonder that Chromium is on the list, Google’s Chrome is based on the same code and every upstream is for their benefit. Mozilla is one of Google’s big partners and paid to have Google as the standard search engine in their popular browser Firefox. Some would even say, that the Mozilla foundation is practically depending on Google financially.  Another project that fits the category is Google caja, which works as a framework for secure internet applications.

Another project I literally stumbled upon is Haiku. Haiku aims to be a BeOS like operating system in looks and unity of user interface and software. The goal is to keep simplicity as far as possible. Seven students are in for this years summer of code on this alternative operating system.

If you ask yourself what else Google is and does, I’d recommend you visit the blog of a dear friend of mine, which offers a little more suspicious view on worlds most used search engine:

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