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Video experience

You know when they say there is nothing more important than experience? That’s so true. Trying to shoot video with three very inexperienced people is a lot of fun and I think in the end our bloopers folder is going to be a lot bigger than the actual footage that is going to be used. That’s not a big deal, considering the video is going to be 30-60 seconds and we shot for several hours. Well, preparation, white-balance and similar practical elements of the shoot were consuming more time than the actual filming, because I went for a very fast cutting style. Luckily Trond with his keen eye and Kenneth with his endless pragmatic mindset were there to accompany me, watch me fail and gather some footage.

The other video shoots were not going that smoothly, but delivered good footage in the end and they also were a lot of fun.
The most advanced light setup had Kenneth, with a silhouette flashing lamp, a dark room that first gets lit up when the second actor enters the room. For the lamps used a bunch of thanks to Ragno/Mette from MeRox Studio.

To sum up the shoots I was involved in:
– jumped into one that lasted half the night with very experimental lightning and from these hours only a time-lapse of by passing cars was used.
– played the evil nature polluting guy, wearing my top hat + voice over in Adinas video
– handled lightning and camera angles at Kenneths primary shoot
– played the shizophrenic guy in Tronds video
– played a freezing guy and a guy that gets stroked and scratched in Tanitas video

Thanks to my girlfriend without whom this project would not have risen at all, also thanks to everybody who supported me, gave me input and tought me about the used software, without this had never been possible.

Finally yesterday the NoMA film festival was hosted and I want to thank everybody who made it possible, helped out, made print-material and helped others to finish their videos. It was a blast.

So after all the talking, here my video is:

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David Fratto at NoMA day 2

Here my notes for today:

Shooting Interviews

shooting two people -> equal headroom, equal lookspace

choose interesting background, out of focus

Talking to camera-> direct, reporter
Talking slightly off camera -> indirect

Make the interviewed feel comfortable, ask easy questions until they are.

If questions are extracted from footage, ask them to incorporate the question.


3 way colour correction:

– make sure fleshtones look natural unless desired otherwise by context

audio gain:
– control volume

adjust speed
– slow motion (intensify moments)

Tips on storyboarding:

note camera movement and sketch objects/characters
think about POV, perspective, blur

Vocabulary of today:

  • POV = point of view
  • DOF = depth of field
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Summary of day one with David Fratto at NoMA

If any of this below is incorrect, please correct me and I’ll edit the post. If you have additional information, please share.

Hi everybody, I just shortly want to share the information we got during the lecture with David Fratto today. It’s essential for your production so just be sure to master:

  • WB = White Balance
  • exposure / iris
  • manual focus
  • audio levels

camera recording settings:

  • resolution: 1920x1080px
  • framerate:
  • format: AVCHD

output settings:

  • resolution: 1080x720px
  • export to: 5000kbps video, 256kbps

Vocabulary learned today:

  • S/N = Signal Noise ratio
  • (mini)jack (usual headphone stick)
  • XLR (big microphone cable)
  • tripod
  • lightstand
  • hard light
  • bounce light / diffusion
  • dolly shot = sliding camera
  • zebra patterns (80% IRE)
  • exposure
  • shutter speed
  • scanning rate
  • Iris/aperture
  • Key light
  • Fill light
  • Back light
  • kicker

Recommendations for further reading: community for digital production
Doug Jensens vimeo channel

Oh! I forgot:
creative commons music you can find here for free for non-commercial projects:
for sound effects under the same conditions check

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Being late and having an expensive trip

You know, public transportation sucks big time in Denmark. You think there’s a bus that’s going hourly and then you notice, that it’s only every second hour. You trip and stumble into the cliché of sitting in a bakery, drinking coffee and typing on your MacBook Pro. So not cool! Then you get to the bus you waited on an hour and you pay 111DKR (15€) for getting to your university, no discount for students, sorry.

At least you get some emails done during the 2h journey, too bad you’re going to be late for your class.

I bet I’d be off better with riding a BIKE. Well, fortunately I’ve received an offer about a flat in Kolding and I can move in in about one month.

Another thing that is kind of strange, is that the number of visitors on my blog has gone up, but I receive no comments from them at all, so either what I write is really boring or they all silently agree. My aggressive but truthful post about Adobe and Apple yesterday should be something people either should comment on or just claim that I am retorted to talk bad about their loved companies (come on Apple fanboys!).

Maybe they all think I don’t give a shit about what they think about my posts, which in a way is correct, because I’m not very unstable in my views, but in another way, I would like feedback and I also would like to read some other points of view. As I am not a well-selling star author, not a lot of people comment my posts. Maybe I should just add a huge pop-up saying: COMMENT IF YOU GIVE A FUCK. A simple JS code for something like that would be:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

So, top event today: David Fratto, he held an awesome, non-stop two hours motivation speech including many nice metaphors, supplying someone anybody can look up to to my fellow students.

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