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First personal contact

Mentioned previously, I have some disagreements with my current university. For not leaving out the positive parts I have to say that the prompt reaction after my blog post is very appreciated. Prior to the meeting I had with the administration today, the big relief had already settled in, that and C# are not the only ways to a bachelor degree. We in fact are allowed to code with whatever we want and for now I think we have to choose PHP or C# for an exam project. This hopefully will not be the case on the day I leave this place.

So in contrast to my previous university, my blog post had an impact, I was listened to and encouraged to help to improve this, although the general happiness about the post itself was limited.

This is definitely and environment I can work with. Correcting the link from the previous post, that was sent to us ( I have no received the correct link which leads to a framework, that is supposed to make cross platform API involving development easier: Does anyone have any experience with this framework?

Wrapping up, it was a nice first day and I’m looking forward to doing cool stuff with interesting people.

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