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First Contact

All summer I was excited to see how my new studies at the Erhvervsakademi Lillebælt in Odense as a Web Developer would be like. Next monday will be my first day and I’m already frustrated with the incompetence of this institution.
My future coding teacher failed to use the BCC field in his email client and published my email address to a bunch of people I didn’t know. At this point I want to state, that I would accept a formal apology.
C# and (very valuable and great technologies which surely have a future in the field, cough cough) are in the curriculum and I feel the need to abuse this blog as a watchblog for all this university/school/whatever screws up.

Secondly, they again use Fronter, a dysfunctional spy system to determine absence and engagement of students which suffers from incredibly bad usability and which I believe is a complete disaster. Oh they failed to sign me up for that too (without asking of course).

As a Mac/Linux user I feel discriminated by the requirement of Microsoft Visual Studio for development. I also without being asked have been signed up for some Microsoft Development Network (thanks a bunch). I have no idea how anyone in their right mind could stick to this proprietary solutions, while the real world is full of Linux servers, asynchronous, non-blocking I/O and everything you can wish for. Did somebody snuggle with the lobby too much?

Teachers obviously don’t feel obligated to call back.

Hello to one more place who does not seem to care about either privacy or being open about what they are going to teach. If they ANYWHERE would have mentioned this proprietary garbage, I would not have signed up at this place.

Also great is, that part of our curriculum obviously is a webshop for womens swim wear (no joke, the URL is in the file I was sent):
I hope my teacher will personally promote the sexy swim wear that is advertised in the front page slide show.

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  1. Lennart says:

    post privacy YEAH!

    I feel with you.

    Kinda reminds me of the the day one of our profs sent a mail to 130 people in cc

    do you have to use Visual Studio or C#?
    If you need C# I would recommend Mono, its a great Linux compiler for C#. Monodevelop would be your Tool of choice.
    Its in the Ubuntu Repository, so give it a try.

    good luck

  2. I’ve already downloaded mono develop, but I have to meet with the head of my department, I hope to ensure that every student is free to use open source technology on monday.

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