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AT&T and RadioShack = nightmare combo

6988589493 b28e6da81b AT&T and RadioShack = nightmare combo

I very recently bought a smartphone, but not everything went as planned. Radio Shack sells phones that are labeled GoPhone, which basically are prepaid phones. I was lucky to find one that has an exchangeable SIM card (an AT&T Fusion, something Huawei manufactures). Even though I explicitly only wanted the data plan, since I will not be calling or texting inside the US, that’s the only thing available. AT&T sells Smartphones without any data traffic support at all, which I think is a pretty annoying thing to do. It’s like selling a screwdriver with a perfectly round tip, that got me stuck on an unlimited calling and texting plan for a month.

It’s not like I’d launch a nuke into the US if I had some 3G/4G network access on a prepaid phone.

Anyways, I’ve now been using my smartphone for a couple of days and gotten over the grutch towards the nightmare combo of Radioshack and at&t and have even purchased my first book through the Google play store, Hagakure, which I once owned in German and buried with the label “borrowed and never seen again”.

Here’s a list of apps I have downloaded so far and a little rating of them: Pixlr-o-matic is a nice app that kind of fills Instagram’s spot on Android and lets you take some spontainious pictures and slam a lot of heavy filters on them. The diaspora* webclient is a nice app to connect to diaspora (after specifying your pod), but I have not yet figured out how to make it sync the stream correctly or the same way as usual.

Although Google talk comes with this android ROM, I wanted an independent xmpp client and found Xabber. Most of this entry was written with the WordPress app, that lets you upload, edit and post to your blog, sadly the Drupal Editor is not working right now, caused by the broken drupal blog api module.

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