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subway to sally kreuzfeuer Kreuzfeuer

Kreuzfeuer, the new album of Subway to Sally continious the path that was begun on Bastard. Not as loud as before, but still with lyrics that are worth being interrogated. The CD comes with some extras like wallpapers and screensavers (Windows only, damn you blasphemic Microsoft-loving band :)) and one big disappointment. The music video for Besser du rennst. Of course, Subway to Sally has never been famous for their videos but this is really a laugh.

Really great is that you can have a foretaste of all songs on STS’s website. You really have an idea about what you will buy and nice audio comments from the bandmembers. The CD itself is not copy-protected which is a positive thing because you in Germany (if you obey the law *cough*) may not even rip it to your mp3 or ogg player if you want.

The contents of the songs are biblical or related to inter-human relationships. As mentioned, the music is not as loud as before, less metal elements but a familiar style of lyrics and song-concepts. The refrains again have a lot of importance but are not rampant compared to the rest of the text.

At last a quote from a song with a oriental disposition:

Ich bin der Krähenkönig,
zertreten ist das Korn,
gebrochen ist der Galgen,
und glühend ist mein Zorn.

Subway To Sally – Krähenkönig

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