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Subway to Sally storybook

blog sts storybook 150x150 Subway to Sally storybookThe wonderful Subway to Sally storybook is now mine :D. It contains short comics to 19 songs from one of my absolute favourite bands, Subway to Sally. For example: Unterm Galgen, Kleid aus Rosen, Die Trommel or Traum vom Tod II. It’s great to see the settings the manga/cartoon artists put the songs in. Lovely to read this if you have the lyrics in your head anyways. The comments that introduce every song are interesting too. Found it more or less accidentially in a bookstore in Flensburg lately. If you’re a fan of the band and not hate manga-style drawings too much (some of the stories are) this maybe could be worth standing on your shelf.

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  1. Halefa says:

    Kleid aus Rosen! (Dublin! :zusammenhanglos:) Da war doch noch was, was ich mir holen wollte …

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