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Vimperator, come to the cli side, we have cookies

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Hello all you command line lovers out there and all you people who may find this post very very strange. CLI stands for command line interface (you type instead of clicking). My most recent discovery for Firefox is Vimperator, an addon which gives you ~1 ton of key bindings and commands to use your webbrowser. Of course it specifically aims at people who already are familiar with the famous command line text editor vi or vim which I’ve already written about here.

Very useful key bindings:

  • gg go to top of page
  • G go to bottom of page
  • h, j, k, l for left, up, down, right
  • ctrl+n, ctrl+p next tab, previous tab
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tmp vim screen 300x202 viYes, finally during my time working on an article for a german webmaster community, I felt that I really had to go through the functions of vi. Vi is a legendary editor that is one of the standard editors in most Unix Systems. I actually understand the hate- and lovestories about this editor. People might say: “Come on, it’s just an editor!“, but if you ever had to configure a config file on a server, far far away and the only tool you have is vi, this can be a very disturbing situation. Vi works different from most text-editors existing I guess. The keys you press in vi have functions, they don’t make you write text, if you don’t put vi in the “insert mode” with the i key. And it handles a lot of additional commands and you actually work with vi through them a lot. Like saving a file is “:w” and exiting without saving “:q!”. So we see, it’s not very intuitive. On the other hand, vi can give you excellent workflows through the intelligent use and placement of hotkeys and if you remember all the commands right of course.

my favourite quote from wikipedia about vi: Sure vi is user-friendly; it’s just peculiar about who it makes friends with.

I don’t think I’ll use vi or vim (improved version) for productivity reasons, because I like the KISS principe (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I don’t want to get used to all the key bindings, at least not for now. Maybe vi will seem more attractive when I’m handling code daily or at my job. Currently I’m only using it on smaller scripts I’m working on right now, so, welcome my new friend vi icon smile vi

so long… keep typing

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