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a good moon rising

Currently a lot is happening, so I also have more to blog about. I’m trying to keep things from piling up, which isn’t easy at the moment. I’m on some interesting projects and the MeRox website has relaunched! The design (which I have not yet implemented in all its details) was made by Eduards Balodis. The WordPress theme is done by me and it was fun doing it. Furthermore my own business is coming up, so I will have tons of stuff to blog about, when I’m waiting for finished projects to upload icon wink a good moon rising I can’t tell too much yet, but one of the future projects will probably be based on drupal, which I’m very much looking forward too. I’ve gotten quite a nice peek at it, realising my portfolio with it already. Apart from that on my to-do list:

  • a little long term photo project, nothing fancy, but still a personal project, I’d like to do
  • updating my portfolio, changing informational hierarchy, summing things up for people without much time on their hands, presenting my most interesting cases
  • running more twitter accounts, I’ll probably be partly in charge of 1-2 more (social media geekery)
  • write tutorial about my Adobe After Effects + Adobe Premiere Workflow like I used it in my last video
  • shoot worlds larget catwalk as a photographer
  • portrait shooting coming up
  • compile and submit some playlists (music is a social thing, you know?)

To lift this post a little to a visual level, here’s a screenshot of my MacOS desktop right now. Picture was shot on the way to Latvia and the nice time and date display is made with geek tool icon wink a good moon rising

my desk a good moon rising

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Status August 13th 2011

Hey folks, I’ve been coding a little lately so this time you get my status update within a PHP array, isn’t that something for a change?

<!--?php $status = array( 	'Last Weekend' =----> 'Wedding shoot, still cutting video footage and speeches, pictures will be online soon',

	'My Portfolio' => 'Will launch today, spend a lot of time putting photos from my old portfolio and this blog in there (plus translating a lot of the posts, trilingualism coming up!)',

	'next Monday (15th)' => 'My third semester at NoMA starts',

	'Drupal' => 'I build my new portfolio with it, pretty powerful CMS',

	'This Blog' => 'I have been far too short on time to spend time here, will change.',

	'Greetings' => 'To everybody out there.'

	'Weddings' => '2 shootings coming up.'

So what still is missing on my portfolio:

  1. an appropriate About Me page
  2. some localisation issues (the content is fully trilingual, yay for me!)
  3. some work on the backend
  4. work on design (there is always room for improvement)

So if you’re as curious for my new portfolio as I am for your reactions, click the link


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