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Why Diaspora rocks

diaspora dandy logo 670 Why Diaspora rocks

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So there is this great new social network… Waaait, that’s so not the point about Diaspora. Remember all the discussions about how facebook saves all your data and google plus connects everything you do on google plus to your search queries? Yeah? Don’t like it?

Now that’s where Diaspora comes along. First of all Diaspora is not one single website where you can sign up. It’s a network of connected servers, which results in Diaspora.
Diaspora is like a street system compared to a go cart park. Now, the metaphor at the current time is a little bad, because the go cart parks like facebook and google plus have millions of users, while Diaspora is fairly small at the moment, but let’s go and change that later.
Like when choosing a provider for your email or your webhost, you now have a chance to decide where you want your social profile to be hosted. There’s a list at where you can choose your “home pod” (pod = server on the Diaspora network, you’ll be able to connect with everybody, even if they’re not on your home pod).

diaspora stream Why Diaspora rocks

Why join?

  • to ensure your data stay with you and only the people you share them with
  • to easily publish updates to twitter and facebook at the same time, if you want to
  • to meet new and interesting people
  • to invite your current friends from facebook or twitter
  • to feel free
diaspora status update Why Diaspora rocks

Join Now

after that be sure to
find me on Diaspora*

When joined I recommend you add tags for topics you’re interested in and update your status with a message like:

Hey everyone, I’m kinda #newhere. I’m interested in #photography, #webdesign, #design, #PHP, #JavaScript, #jQuery, #Wordpress, #drupal and #git.

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