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Google PageRank API changes

Google has just updated their API to query a websites pagerank through third party software like web services and browser plugins. I was quite surprised when all my hosted sites suddenly appeared with a pagerank of 0.

To calm everybody down, it’s not true icon wink Google PageRank API changes It’s just that right now the plugins and web services can’t access the new way of getting the data yet. As soon as the developers of the plugin you’re using or the analytic service of your choice have updated the responsible code, everything will be back to normal. Nothing has changed with the pagerank itself, just the way software can access it.

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Testing Chromium for real: day 2

Day 2:

I really started missing advanced features for managing my bookmarks, so I started looking for some plugins, helping me with this. Turns out I need more RAM. Chromium is incredibly fast, but with many tabs a freaking resource killer, at least more RAM consuming than Firefox.

Plugins / Extensions:

A great thing I have not mentioned yet, is that the extensions work on the fly. You don’t have to restart your browser to make them work if you just installed them.

  • Chrome SEO Sear Engine Optimisation tool that give you a quick overview over a sites indexed pages, pagerank and backlinks
  • Novell Moonlight a Silverlight implementation that just kept crashing on me. I’ve found some forums where similar problems on ubuntu appear, but I’ve been to lazy so far.

thumbs ram Testing Chromium for real: day 2

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