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Video experience

You know when they say there is nothing more important than experience? That’s so true. Trying to shoot video with three very inexperienced people is a lot of fun and I think in the end our bloopers folder is going to be a lot bigger than the actual footage that is going to be used. That’s not a big deal, considering the video is going to be 30-60 seconds and we shot for several hours. Well, preparation, white-balance and similar practical elements of the shoot were consuming more time than the actual filming, because I went for a very fast cutting style. Luckily Trond with his keen eye and Kenneth with his endless pragmatic mindset were there to accompany me, watch me fail and gather some footage.

The other video shoots were not going that smoothly, but delivered good footage in the end and they also were a lot of fun.
The most advanced light setup had Kenneth, with a silhouette flashing lamp, a dark room that first gets lit up when the second actor enters the room. For the lamps used a bunch of thanks to Ragno/Mette from MeRox Studio.

To sum up the shoots I was involved in:
– jumped into one that lasted half the night with very experimental lightning and from these hours only a time-lapse of by passing cars was used.
– played the evil nature polluting guy, wearing my top hat + voice over in Adinas video
– handled lightning and camera angles at Kenneths primary shoot
– played the shizophrenic guy in Tronds video
– played a freezing guy and a guy that gets stroked and scratched in Tanitas video

Thanks to my girlfriend without whom this project would not have risen at all, also thanks to everybody who supported me, gave me input and tought me about the used software, without this had never been possible.

Finally yesterday the NoMA film festival was hosted and I want to thank everybody who made it possible, helped out, made print-material and helped others to finish their videos. It was a blast.

So after all the talking, here my video is:

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