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Testing Chromium for real: day 3

Day 3:

I’m at the point where I don’t want to go back. It works and it works well. I have not found major flaws that would make me switch back to Firefox. The primitive bookmark management is under development and I’m not finished looking for plugins to support it better (especially tags). I like the concept of the unibar, the merge of address and search field. Okay, it’s not that great, but it’s very comfortable to use and as far as I know it will be in Firefox 4.0 too.

Plugins / Extensions:

A plugin I do not need with Chromium is Tabs open relative. Chromium automatically opens links from a tab right to it and not at the end of the line.

  • ixquick for the unibar search engine (check out the extensive post about ixquick at
  • RSS-Feeder is a little Extension that shows a little RSS-icon in the address bar if feeds are available. As I use LiFeRea (Linux Feed Reader) as a desktop feed reader, that’s just the simplicity I need.
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