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Holy crap!

blog arche Holy crap!Don’t we all love Scientology, creationism and other groups who teach Intelligent Design is the truth? Recently the message reached me that similar convinced people are going to build a christian them park that will teach kids and teens how our earth really was created. There will be the Noah’s Ark in full-size and other totally exciting stuff. To the left, there is a small piece of the map of Genesis Land how this park is going to be called. The statement of the people behind Genesis Land is: “we are experiencing a lot of discussion about whether teaching the biblical narrative should be removed from the school curriculums. In so doing, western society faces depriving its children of the knowledge about the basis of its culture: the Bible.”

The most interesting part for me is: Who is spending money on this? Vatican? Scientology? Other sects? In future: you know the place to go drunk and have fun. Don’t bully the huge Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck actors in Disney World or Phantasia Land, just go to the bible park and dance satanistic patterns around biblical figures. Take the videos as comedy and the information tables as fantasy and you’ll be fine icon smile Holy crap!

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