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noma film festival 2011 fall favourites

In this post I want to present my personal favourites of the NoMA film festival fall 2011. All of the participants deserve a hand for their production and they got it the night of the show. I just want to point a couple of videos out that struck me the most. All videos can be viewed on the NoMA film festival youtube channel. The order of the videos is random and I’d like to recommend every reader to go to the youtube channel and see all of them.

Uldis Janpavlis: Regress
You know the feeling when everything seems to move into the wrong direction? Me too.


Grétar Gunnarson: For the love of music
The quality of this video, combined with the great timing to the music struck me. It’s a nice portrait of the main character and the love for music is very believable for me.


Eduards Balodis: Dream Believe Achieve
In this I primarily want to point out the effects and the concept. It just works. The timing, the perfect coexistence of video footage and visual effects.


Ilze Freifalte: Spirit of green grass
This video won the spirit award and also for me it’s some kind of pure positive energy. Creative, barefoot, lighthearted, without worries.

Morten Juul Møller: Nobody gets me
This is the video that personally made me laugh the most. It may seem a little more strange, when you don’t know the main characters affinity to hard electronic music.


Rasmus Jennings: Problems?
First world problems? There are websites about them, internet memes and everybody is kind of fed up with people whining about nothing, right? This video puts exactly that on the stage and reminds us, that it’s not so bad after all.


Max Nyby: We
A humorous approach on a shizophrenic main character and his daily struggle with the voice in his head. The back and forth between the two is very interesting and I could not help laughing about the incredible voiceover.


Thanks to everybody who was in this with us. Everybody made this possible.

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