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Day against DRM

Announcing the day against DRM, the Digital Rights (or also called Restrictions) Management. The campaign is launched by which is part of the Free Software Foundation.

May 4th will be the day.

So if you think it’s unfair that the music you could buy online wont run on your MP3-Player, operating system or that you can only burn it to a CD a couple of times, participate! If you run a website, spread the word, if you use social networks, spread the word, if you actually talk to people in person, spread the word icon wink Day against DRM

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Filesharing != poor musicians?

Lately I’ve been around in a filesharing board and I happen to open threads where people thank the uploader and publish where they saw this band live or where they will next time. It’s like: Oh yeah, this show was great, I’ll cleary go <insert date here> in <insert city here>. Why are musicians complaining? Don’t they earn more by people knowing them, going to their shows than only by selling records? As far as I’ve read the industry is (people putting art to wannabe copy protected media) earning the biggest part. Why should I support the industry, which makes it illegal for me to copy a CD I bought to my mp3player? I’ll support artists through their concerts, for me, that’s the best solution until there will be nice and DRM free downloads.

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