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my schools network policy

Public networks need restrictions. That’s a common rule of thumb and it makes sense to block services like FTP.

HOWEVER that does not make sense when you’re trying to educate Multimedia designers and web integrators, also it does not make any sense to kick students out the door of the IT-department that point out that every of their exams has somehow been influenced by not really being able to use the schools facilities as a workspace, but more as a hangout for drinking coffee, because the network is in your way.

Since it is part of my curriculum I demand opening of the SSH and FTP services for publishing and code version control.

If you want to know which kind of school would prevent their students from higher productivity, it’s Hansenberg icon wink my schools network policy

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Neues Glas

7164552702 12eb60084c z Neues Glas

I got a new lens today. Finally something that covers the range of my kit lens and at a decent f-stop. The 2.8 aperture on the Tamron 17-50mm is just waiting for long and intense testing for some HD video and a lot of pictures.

This will definitely have a spot in my camera bag at all times icon wink Neues Glas

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Trapholt: controversial photography

trapholt kontroversielt Trapholt: controversial photography

Until the 12th of August you should definitely visit Trapholt and attend their Kontroversielt! exhibition. It consists of 100 controversial photographies through time, background information is given in Danish, English and German.

The experience is shaking and everybody who even owns a camera in their phone or above should share it. Taking pictures as a provocative or journalistic matter and what impact it can have is presented radically there. Pictures of Abu ghraib, catastrophes and nude children gather in one room, I don’t recommend to visit it before having to present a project or holding a motivational speech.

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Back home

I’m back in Denmark after a mixed quality flight and insanely wrong airline punctuality. San Francisco has treated me well and now I’m in the middle of my exam project.

Shortly after my arrival, my beloved and I helped these guys moving in together, which involved a lot of furniture, consumer electronics and a third floor without an elevator. Afterwards we went out for a beer with a view on the little lake in this town.

7130235757 bb0ac7e7e4 z Back home

Right now my work/blog space is a little improvised and consists of a rooted and freshly unlocked smartphone and a laptop, but since I’ve worked under similar conditions for the past months, it should be fine.

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