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Back home

I’m back in Denmark after a mixed quality flight and insanely wrong airline punctuality. San Francisco has treated me well and now I’m in the middle of my exam project.

Shortly after my arrival, my beloved and I helped these guys moving in together, which involved a lot of furniture, consumer electronics and a third floor without an elevator. Afterwards we went out for a beer with a view on the little lake in this town.

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Right now my work/blog space is a little improvised and consists of a rooted and freshly unlocked smartphone and a laptop, but since I’ve worked under similar conditions for the past months, it should be fine.

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  1. trondjk says:

    Love this post, and especially the pictures overlooking the fact that it does not directly relate to the text.

  2. Although: she was getting ready for that one beer, after the big moving process. Plus she’s probably the most valid reason, to bring me back to Denmark ;)

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