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over here

So I’m over here in San Francisco right now and I’m having a lot of fun with the guys. The days are long and the city still appears huge and unexplored to me. We’re living in Castro, one of the biggest gay districts of the world. The people are friendly and often alternative, which makes it pretty fun and safe to be around.

Now, some first impressions:

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This is what happens if you overlook that sign that says happy hour. You accidentially 4 long island ice teas although you wanted one for each.

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Mister M. just got a new baby he’s been taking good care of. He bought her a nice home and a new strap already.

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So today I received the sweetest letter from my girlfriend, where she, once again demonstrated her extremely awesome drawing skills. Hands up for the most comforting words and cutest owls!

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  1. Halefa says:

    Und immer noch keine Erklärung dafür, was du da drüben eigentlich tust. :p

  2. Halefa says:

    Ah. Mmh. Okay. Noch ne Frage dann: warum wurde ich nicht gefragt, ob ich meine Abschlussarbeit in f***ing SAN FRANCISCO schreiben will? Mh? :p

    (Will dann mal irgendwann die Videos sehen. Oder so. :p)

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