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Between continents

In a little more than a day I will be between continents, and that not as usual, metaphorically, but physically.

I’ll be on my way to the US and I’m looking forward to a great time there! I’ll shoot a lot of photos and tell more about my stay on the usual social networks (especially Diaspora*) and over here.

This means that I’m not going to see my girlfriend in a really long time, but I just got a pretty amazing gift, that definitely will go on my wall over there. She’s probably the greatest drawing (yes, and painting, I know) talent I know and she sketches this down in really short time:

11 Between continents

Onward to a time of multiple, different and great├é┬áchallenges, both personal and professional ones. It’s got its upsides to be easily challenged, because it puts you in this furious mood, where you know you can do anything you want.

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