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Latvija 2011

These are pictures from 3 weeks of my summer in 2011, I actually already have written a lot of notes on. I could turn actually turn it into a huge travel report.

The reason I wont do this, this time is that I feel I wouldn’t be able to develop and present it as I would like to turn out to be. When we visited Latvia I worked a lot asides visiting so many beautiful places. The feeling of not completing my writing on this time of travel isn’t bad though I’m more happy that a few people will be able to let the pictures tell the story.

Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Ieva for showing me everyything we saw and putting up with me, constantly stopping to take pictures icon wink Latvija 2011

The flight
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6778483409 260aa45bb0 z Latvija 2011
Liepaja – living
6778493453 8c70a947b6 z Latvija 2011
Liepaja – graveyard
6778500959 d61f017a65 z Latvija 2011
badass Mikkel
6778505461 b4f75deeb1 z Latvija 2011
the beach
6778511503 ab64304de0 z Latvija 2011
riga open air museum
6778518283 5f87a566ac z Latvija 2011
wired up
6778523975 1e7c622954 z Latvija 2011
Long Island Icetea
6778530753 f93c9e5739 z Latvija 2011
up there
6778536507 6b8590d44f z Latvija 2011
Dzels Vilks
6778543893 966ddddd10 z Latvija 2011
6778549969 ac37481fe7 z Latvija 2011
6778554687 5dfef6d9e6 z Latvija 2011
6778564745 a3107c3f67 z Latvija 2011
6778567983 e0bc7da95f z Latvija 2011
worlds apart
6778575123 74aeb6e87b z Latvija 2011
lock n’ love
6778580773 3c99993112 z Latvija 2011
6778588577 1526c86f33 z Latvija 2011
art museum
6778596503 e98e10ac63 z Latvija 2011
6778605193 5c4ba83467 z Latvija 2011
6778613607 cd70854e76 z Latvija 2011
6778620851 c9ff64fc57 z Latvija 2011
6778627683 ca78f87cb4 z Latvija 2011
custom balcony
6778644449 724cabab3f z Latvija 2011
the road
6778650629 aa3d9e24b4 z Latvija 2011
the fallen
6778658897 9c587103c3 z Latvija 2011
6778636297 8e560a909b z Latvija 2011

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2 Responses to “Latvija 2011”

  1. Halefa says:

    Schöne Fotos. Vor allem die Taube ist cool. Du benutzt Filter, oder?

    (Deine Frisur ist ja langweilig geworden. :p)

  2. Hey, naja, es war im Sommer ;) Zwischendurch hatte ich schon wieder die ausrasierte Frisur, aber nun sind die Haare schon wieder länger.

    Filter benutze ich übrigens nicht, aber an der Farbtemperatur drehe ich ab und zu. Filter auf die Kamera würde ich gerne mal testen, besonders Polarisations- und Graufilter.

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