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More gear, more pictures

So, yesterday night I had some drinks with friends and on the way down to the city I saw that the gas station in front of my house was being refueled. So, I had to ask the driver if I could take a picture. He seemed to be close to retirement age and when I walked up to him (alone), his first question was:

“What do you want to take it for?”

I responded, that I didn’t want to use it for some kind of abusive manual and that it’s just something you don’t see every day. I though skipped out on the fact, that I thought it looked very nice also because of the snow, his luminescent clothes and the night time.

He agreed and kept on working, I think I didn’t bother him a lot and quickly moved on after three shots.

6777808497 d911423d57 z More gear, more pictures

Furthermore I’ve also discovered photography as a tool for giving away very very personal things. I’ve been taking some self portraits recently and I don’t know if I ever want to show them to anybody else, than the person they were made for.

Actually this is one of the special parts about these pictures, they are not made for building my portfolio or for a paid job, even though I am a little proud of some of them.

To make the self portrait part a little easier, I today bought a Canon RC-6 for remote triggering my camera:

6777818153 bb2fdabc5c z More gear, more pictures

So the bottom line is, that I feel that I am developing in the matters of photography. I am more daring to ask or just shoot people and try to make them comfortable with it. Also to make photography a more personal thing, I still want to try everything and improve my skills as wide and as deep as possible, but I will try to keep it on a more consistent path, when I find some parts that I enjoy more than others.

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