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full magic lantern throttle

I’ve today pulled myself together and went to the magic lantern wiki, an alternative firmware for Canon DSLRs to improve their HD-video functionality. I thought, okay, no matter how hard this is, I will script, debug and bite my way through the process of patching this. Turns out, you just have to download an archive, unpack it on your SD-card, put it into the camera and hit the upgrade firmware button in the camera menu. Easy going. Looking forward to explore and test all the additional functionality like adjusting the audio levels, zebra lines, manual ISO and white balance settings.

magic lantern on Canon EOS 600D full magic lantern throttle

Apart from that I’ve taken a couple of long exposure pictures the last nights:

6666621627 f4c13d8906 z full magic lantern throttle
6676338511 d9638686fa z full magic lantern throttle
6676343903 7a9568d109 z full magic lantern throttle

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