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Travel ALL the world

I had a very funny little conversation yesterday evening and it went something like this:

Let’s go to Australia, like… tomorrow! I want to live like this!

(Thereby meaning being free to travel spontainiously)


Yes, me too! Why do you think I picked a job where I can work anywhere? I could work, sitting on a fucking kangaroo!

(Thereby not insulting the bouncy little fellas)

What I want to say with this is, that I am very happy about, that my profession is rarely requiring physical presence. Photography does, but the main part of my daily life, coding, does not. This is great and I have worked on coding projects in plains, trains, cars and several flats, houses, bars and on boats

My optimal working conditions are almost everywhere I can bring headphones and can gain internet access, the bigger the bandwidth the better, but 3G or EDGE has also served well already.

Bottom line: Since I can work a lot of places on this planet, I would like to do that more. Keep travelling, visit cities and countries and still be reachable for my clients.

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