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That guy on the bus

At my academy we attend from either 8:30 to 12:00 or from 12:30 to 16:00 on usual days. This was one of the days where we had to be there at 12:30, so I was in the bus departing 12:10, second last row, next to my girlfriend. A young man approaches, as he takes the row in front of us I nod, he made eye contact, I considered it polite. A couple of seconds later he asks me if I play PlayStation. I laugh and deny, while he presents about 7 game boxes like a hand of cards, claiming he could make me a very good price. Next thing he pulle up was a Sony Ericsson smartphone, that also should be a really nice offer.
Considering, that these items came out of a plastic bag and I was asked to buy them in the back of a bus, I still do not regret my decisions.
We talked a little and he came upon the topic, that it wasn’t easy finding a job these days. I tried to give him a little hope by bringing up, that the red block (left wing) just had won the elections. Few minutes later he turned around and asked me if I smoke weed and while I was shaking my head he appended “Cocaine?” “No.” We agreed that it’s not healthy. He still proclaimed it was nice, as long as it lasted, perhaps still in hope of selling to me.
This is the point where I ripped a page out of my notebook, jotted down my email address and told him to write me, if he decided to get out of what ever he was in. He folded the paper and left three stations later, after volounteeringly leaving his seat for kindergarden kids, that came on the bus.
I still hope he found the help needed. I haven’t heard a word since that day.

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  1. Lennart says:

    mhm, strange.
    Poor guy

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