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A year ago

A year ago on this day I certainly didn’t feel a lot like blogging (which didn’t prevent me from doing it anyways), but I can say that I feel a lot more at peace with myself.
Yesterday I’ve attended Mikkels birthday for the second time and even if I don’t make a deal out of birthdays in general, it was very nice to see his appreciation for everybody who showed up for his surprise party, signed a poster and hung out with him a couple of hours.

At the moment everybody at NoMA is in a rush, because it’s the last week of our third semester exam. Everybody is still working as much as they can to create something stunning and to look back on this as a great experience, from which they learned a lot. Every semester has their task, which stretches from their first online portfolio until a individual multimedia production of their choice. All this can be incredible interesting and you can choose to empower causes you believe in. The first snow has also fallen in Kolding and it doesn’t nearly look as pretty as the previous year, maybe I’ll get some cool shots of it later (need more snow).

So, my point being, that everybody on my semester is confronted with separation, from family, new or old friends and the rest of us. Some will remain in an area, but be pretty occupied by their internships. It will be great to face new and old challenges and come back to NoMA for the exams, before we all scatter across the globe.

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