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Freakish due until Friday deadlines

This Friday a couple of things have to be done and some of them will not. That’s not so bad, because there is no need to be done. Not for me, because I don’t feel bad about the amount of work I’ve punched through, in the last weeks. Also, nobody will bother.

I hereby want to invite everybody to try ROARER my tiny twitter clone with the people at NoMA. I will publish a URL Friday morning, so everybody can participate and keep everybody updated through facebook and twitter.

So, what have I actually done for my NoMA specialisation?

Roarer and Launch Catapult my two little AJAX tech demos are called.
Launch Catapult is ready for productive use and already running at Functionality for sending out emails for the friendly people signing up, will not be a big hassle to write.
Roarer is a little more difficult, because it craves a lot more injections into the DOM and it’s more of a demonstration how to do different things, how deep you can go into the DOM to exchange tiny values and when it might be better to reload a larger area.

After documenting the source code some more, adding features and cleaning it up, it will be published, both ROARER (which I could turn into a little Tutorial actually) and the Launch Catapult.

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