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Off book: engaging short documentaries

I’ve been posting this on diaspora, twitter and facebook yesterday, but it deserved a blog entry, so here we go:

Off book is a series of short documentaries of specific topics, which further understanding and analyses our culture at a very current state.  The two videos I’d like to show here, are about the power of videogames and also hacking culture.

Off Book: Video Games

This video shows very greatly, that video games undeniably are culture. The variety and the ways you can interact with them are unique and outstanding.

Off Book: Hacking Art & Culture with F.A.T. Lab

This one is about how F.A.T. Lab has been trying to come up with projects that ride the wave of todays media making processes and how to question monopolies.

There are some more videos on PBS arts vimeo channel and I can also recommend them, because they are interesting peeks into other worlds.

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