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so many projects

So, I’ve got a lot on my hands and it’s so much fun rapidly developing and already writing on my new blog.

New blog?!

Yeah, new blog, but don’t worry icon wink so many projects This will remain
I’m going to make a blog about blogging (yay :D) and it will be entirely in German.
It will be called and I will spill all I’ve learned from blogging here and there and basically be a startup guide, improvement camp and pro tip place for aspiring bloggers.

On the page you see a little script I wrote with CodeIgniter and jQuery today. The source will probably be published once it is mature enough. It saves email adresses and names right now, later on you’ll be able to bulk email people when your project is taking off.

But what about your specialisation?

Yeah, I thought you’d ask that. I’m still working on my twitter clone ROARER and I’ll get as far as I can for the exhibition friday next week. Everybody will be able to participate, because it will be accessible for everybody at that point.

Wait, you’re doing more?

Yeah, I’m currently working on making a pastebin for translations and writing a WordPress theme. The pastebin will show original text and translation side by side. Functionality for annotations and revisions will be added later on. I feel that I’ve really lacked a tool like this, especially for showing song texts beyond the language they were written in or working on multilingual blog posts.

PS: My portfolio just reached pagerank one, yay!

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