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Music Monday #1: Dubstep Discoveries

I’m not the most experimental listener, but I have a somewhat split taste in music, but what unites my favourite artists on is that their music is very vocal driven. I’ve been using for a long time, so the records are quite accurate. So, now let’s hit one of my new discoveries, which I was introduced to by my girlfriend and Trond. Dubstep is the word. I’ve picked some of my favourite Dubstep songs for now and I recommend you look into them, if you’re interested in music in general or just need something driving for your morning playlist

Modestep – Sunlight

This music video is great, typical UK humor, hard party like in The Prodigy – Smack my Bitch up and the vocals actually come from the artist.

Skrillex – Kill Everybody

Skrillex – Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)

This is where I want to attach a quote from Skrillex facebook page, I was told about when I was asked by Trond what I like the most about Skrillex. I said I just liked the guy and he seemed like a really nice person, so he showed me the quote, it fitted perfectly.

Im not “cool”. I’m a normal person who decided to make music. I never sought out to be anything. I just made songs on my laptop. BUT I appreciate every bit of support you all give me more than you know. Like I said. At this point, my music means more than what it “means to me” It means what it “means to us”.

Skrillex on facebook

Adele – Rolling in The Deep Dubstep remix

This is just a Dubstep remix of one of my favourite songs by Adele.

Your turn, recommend something!

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  1. denton says:

    Dubstep? Really simple music but I love it! Skrillex’ sound – in my opinion – is a bit to ‘clean’ though. Try this:
    + Lots of cool Dubstep (mostly sets) at

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