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What should my specialism be?

At NoMA we can choose what we want to specialise in. We have four weeks to dive into that topic and we have teachers support if we want it. I’m right now trying to figure out what I want to do. Any help is appreciated icon wink What should my specialism be? (please comment). I’d love to combine these weeks with either contributing code to an open source project or launching a free service, module or theme.

Here is a list of things I’d like to do during these weeks:

  1. (WordPress) code my first Plugin
  2. (WordPress) code an awesome theme, public domain
  3. (Drupal) write a module or fix bugs in some
  4. (CodeIgniter/Active Records) create pastebin-like service (for translations)
  5. (Diaspora) make improvements to the user interface
  6. (social media) set goals and reach them with 2-3 facebook pages and 2-3 twitter accounts
  7. (nothing) Not doing any of this, handing in a finished project and working on my firm instead
  8. (video) make some motion graphics (maybe mixed with some real footage)
  9. (music) finish writing my first album, teaming up with people for vocals and music and produce it
  10. (photography) make some awesome online presentation web-code
What do you thing?
EDIT: added a few points
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  1. Halefa says:

    10 (wenn ich auch davon profitieren könnte), 9,8,7.

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