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David Fratto at NoMA day 2

Here my notes for today:

Shooting Interviews

shooting two people -> equal headroom, equal lookspace

choose interesting background, out of focus

Talking to camera-> direct, reporter
Talking slightly off camera -> indirect

Make the interviewed feel comfortable, ask easy questions until they are.

If questions are extracted from footage, ask them to incorporate the question.


3 way colour correction:

– make sure fleshtones look natural unless desired otherwise by context

audio gain:
– control volume

adjust speed
– slow motion (intensify moments)

Tips on storyboarding:

note camera movement and sketch objects/characters
think about POV, perspective, blur

Vocabulary of today:

  • POV = point of view
  • DOF = depth of field
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  1. Halefa says:

    Ist der Interviewer auch zu sehen, denk an die 180°-Regel und daran, dass die beiden sich an- und nicht weggucken!

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