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Summary of day one with David Fratto at NoMA

If any of this below is incorrect, please correct me and I’ll edit the post. If you have additional information, please share.

Hi everybody, I just shortly want to share the information we got during the lecture with David Fratto today. It’s essential for your production so just be sure to master:

  • WB = White Balance
  • exposure / iris
  • manual focus
  • audio levels

camera recording settings:

  • resolution: 1920x1080px
  • framerate:
  • format: AVCHD

output settings:

  • resolution: 1080x720px
  • export to: 5000kbps video, 256kbps

Vocabulary learned today:

  • S/N = Signal Noise ratio
  • (mini)jack (usual headphone stick)
  • XLR (big microphone cable)
  • tripod
  • lightstand
  • hard light
  • bounce light / diffusion
  • dolly shot = sliding camera
  • zebra patterns (80% IRE)
  • exposure
  • shutter speed
  • scanning rate
  • Iris/aperture
  • Key light
  • Fill light
  • Back light
  • kicker

Recommendations for further reading: community for digital production
Doug Jensens vimeo channel

Oh! I forgot:
creative commons music you can find here for free for non-commercial projects:
for sound effects under the same conditions check

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2 Responses to “Summary of day one with David Fratto at NoMA”

  1. Halefa says:

    Freesound verwende ich auch. :D

    Wisst ihr nicht, in welcher Framerate ihr filmen sollt?

    Ich soll übrigens die neuen Studenten im Schneiden unterrichten. Das wird lustig …

    • Es war am Anfang etwas unklar, aber am Ende wurden es 25.
      Vielleicht bloggst du ja über deinen Unterricht, oder veröffentlichst posts über die verschiedenen Stunden. Fänd ich spannend!

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