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The summer is slowly coming to its end, but first things first. I got new business clothing from cyroline.
Yes it’s great that you can look funny in the creative industry, everybody needs some benefits, right?
m782 end($summer)4206 dead end tshirt end($summer)

The next two weeks are going to catapult me far out of my comfort and far in to the video zone. I’m looking forward to intense learning and presentable results.
Besides my studies I’m working on my early retirement in Mexico with tequila beer and Pinjanas full of Apple hardware. I’ve made a business card, so potential clients, co-workers and employers can contact me, after a meeting.

card Front end($summer)

card Back end($summer)
Now, a little something about its design. The colours used are the same as on my current portfolio, the front shows my name, phone, email and URL. The back holds a very compressed description of the roles I like to play, like photographer, web design- and developer and on top of that SEO and social media geek.
Surely you people knowing PHP or some similar language have noticed the little hints on this like the curvy brackets and the double ampersands.

The hierarchy from top to bottom on the front:

space for notes by me or the client, increasing individuality and interaction to memorize me better

contact details, minimal

my name with a very large contrast, so it still is significant, without being on top

The hierarchy from top to bottom on the back:

SEO and social media on top of


wich I develop and design

oh and I’m a photograper (out of the brackets)

What do you guys think?

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  1. trondjk says:

    I really like it! It speaks out the sides of you that are necessary, which also makes you memorable in a way. And of course it has that nice hint of code, without ruining the simple design of the card, and confusing possible clients.

    Thumbs up!

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