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need for progress

Recently I read a very nice article, while looking for some beginner jQuery tutorials as inspiration for some beginner lessons. To quote it a little:

Hackers Thrive on Progress
The biggest way to interest a hacker beyond money is through providing opportunities to progress in skills. Hackers need progress daily

Now, I do not claim to be a hacker and the general misperception of the word shall also not be brought at this point.
I just identify myself with the urge of learning and since I’ve been confronted with IT in general or specificly coding, photography and retouch this has gotten a lot more intense. That’s also one of the reasons why I put my thoughts out here, on my blog. I would like to influence and inform, because what I don’t write about what I don’t know about, or even to have some intellectual exchange (which happens far too little (that means please comment, flame, bash, hype)).
Something else I want to show you is a peek at Kendra Schaefers portfolio. This is her current front and I find it completely awesome. To take a picture of you in some kind of coma-state of mind, pointing out the opposite of your daily self and thereby motivating people to hire you. To tell people that it is a driving force in your life.

kendra schaefer portfolio need for progress
Right now I’m also planning to apply as a freelance ressource to a couple of companies, besides I’m also trying to find an internship, so I’m involved with the thought how I should approach them. So far I’m pretty fine with the idea, that I NEED TO LEARN (notice the emphasis) and that I think the companies I contact are a good choice for me and vice versa. Though I’ll not go as far as building a webproject and wear a mustache for a company to recognise me, like this guy:

Right now I’m in a workshop about SCRUM at NoMA, where productivity bundled with the ability to adopt to changing circumstances, which I will try to implement as much as possible to my workflow in projects with co-students, clients and maybe even to organize my private tasks. For everybody wondering why you should waste time on planning, I will just point you to the article at the smashing magazine Lessons Learned: Productivity Tips For Running A Web Design Business by Paul Boag.

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