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the foreigner issue

Making a step towards each other is sometimes impossible, but from my lifespan on this earth I’ve learned that by digging up a little patience inside yourself and showing it to your current enemy, it helps a great deal. Drawing lines is important, no doubt. Bending yourself is not an option, neither is being a hardliner with surrealistic expectations.

I live in a country that in general is very afraid of foreigners. In a public discussion you can be sure that a heavy crime that recently was committed by a foreigner is brought up. Often these discussions lack a person that says:

Okay, everybody come clear about that fact, that we can not generalise and transfer this to people of similar race or heritage.

The bottom line in Denmark more seems to be: Foreigners can be nice, but in general, they’re violent, criminal parasites. I’m an immigrant and bringing that up mostly triggers conservative or right-winged people to respond:

But you’re not one of them we’re talking about! We mean middle east, Turkey, Pakistan and that shit!

It’s not very comforting to hear, that the people I am talking to judge people by heritage instead of individual impression.

Humans are in my world to be judged after they have opened their mouth and not by their clothing, skin colour or where they lived before, or even which country their parents come from.

Presumption of innocence: innocent until proven guilty

This should never be forgotten by any country that decorates itself with freedom of speech, religion, or others.

I recently had a discussion about foreigners and companies from that country or run by people of a certain nationality were brought up, which very much reminded me of incidents of caricatures of Mohammed. Countries in the middle east were stopping to buy milk products from Arla, because the company is placed in a country, as the caricaturist. Even though Arla did not quite print the caricatures on all their packaging, they were facing a boycott.

In my opinion citizens, companies and politics are connected, but need to be approached differently. Neither of them can be blamed for the behaviour of the other 2, though their influence must be taken into consideration.

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