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You lose

Yesterday was spontaneous, sad and very impressive. You always know that something went incredibly wrong when many people below 25 and few above 40 gather around candles and flowers. A fistfight went bad a couple of days ago and craved a victim. Friends and family came to the spot where it happened. I barely took any pictures, because I did not want to disturb all his friends in their deep grief. About 15 minutes after the little remembering ceremony started, a young man went by and hugged one of the girls, which was crying. He was wearing a metal t-shirt that had the words You Lose scratched into a skull. It was very paradox and for me a very strong picture. He behaved very respectfully and I don’t think anybody else really noticed the t shirt which for me spoke a little truth. Sometimes you lose, may it only be out of bad luck, wrong place, wrong time.

you lose You lose

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